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11 November 2016

Executive Summary | The Purposes of PathwayConnect

Purpose 1: Get the gospel down into students’ hearts Above all, PathwayConnect helps cultivate individual spiritual growth, build…

BY: BYU-Pathway Communications
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25 November 2014

The Purposes of PathwayConnect

Learn more about the guiding principles behind PathwayConnect's mission

“Create knowledge, to open the minds of students to that knowledge, and to enable students to take best…

BY: Caleb Trujillo
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28 March 2019

Recharting PathwayConnect Curriculum

A ship of curious workmanship

Many things in the Book of Mormon are described as a “curious workmanship” — the Liahona, tools and…

BY: Breanne Su'a
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9 July 2018

4 Goals PathwayConnect Can Help You Accomplish

Do you have goals you don’t know how to reach? PathwayConnect can help you in these four areas

Do you have big dreams but don’t know where to begin? PathwayConnect is a college-readiness program that helps…

BY: Brianna Hale
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9 February 2018

Building Temples of Learning

“The First Presidency and the Church Board of Education announces today the creation of a new Church-wide higher…

BY: Clark G. Gilbert, President of BYU-Pathway Worldwide
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20 October 2017

BYU-Pathway Employee Meeting — A Gathering of Their Own

A day in Salt Lake City served as an important reminder for Pathway employees

Last month, BYU-Pathway Worldwide employees attended the first all-team meeting at the new headquarters located in Salt Lake…

BY: April J. Spaulding
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13 October 2017

The Power of Gathering

Replenish — give back — and apply Elder Bednar’s counsel to “strengthen each other” as you gather

It is hard to believe we are already five weeks into this semester of PathwayConnect. As I have…

BY: Clark G. Gilbert, President of BYU-Pathway Worldwide
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3 May 2017

Gatherings Unite Students Around the World

Students worldwide have a variety of reasons why they love their gatherings

From New Zealand to New York and from Ghana to Guatemala, students bring a variety of cultures, traditions,…

BY: Sarah Schwarze
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1 May 2017

Miracles in Victorville

Pathway missionaries share their first-hand experience seeing PathwayConnect change students' lives

Perhaps the most significant of BYU-Pathway’s purposes is to “get the gospel down into students’ hearts.” We have…

BY: Elder and Sister Heywood
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14 November 2016

Reaching New Lands

Pathway continues to grow — opening its first location in Asia

Joenee Briones watched from his airplane window as the last lights of Manila faded into the distance. As…

BY: Neal Buckles
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