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Director Message

2 August 2017

Have A Great Nephi Day

Sometimes we are faced with difficult decisions — but the Lord will always prepare a way

A change in name, a change in address, and a change in online education. The announcement of BYU-Pathway…

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17 April 2017

Lifting Those Around Us

We can use our experiences in PathwayConnect to support and inspire the people around us

I was on my way home from a trip visiting students and local Church leaders in Portland, Oregon,…

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10 March 2017

Making Big Decisions

We can make decisions alone, but they’re better made with advising mentors and God

Decisions can have an eternal impact, so it’s important to choose your studies and career carefully. President Monson taught…

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2 January 2017

Finding Their Path

Extending the Reach of Pathway

While I was serving as the bishop of a Young Single Adult ward on a recent Sunday afternoon,…

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21 November 2016

Blessings of Pathway

A message from Pathway's Managing Director

After nearly two years of service as the bishop of a young single adult (YSA) ward in Rexburg,…

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2 March 2016

Understanding and Becoming through PathwayConnect

Becoming who our Father in Heaven would have us be

BYU-Pathway’s growth is amazing to think about. My mind is immediately drawn to the growth from the first…

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11 November 2015

The Master and the Apprentice

Of the countless examples of great masters and apprentices, none compare with the path undertaken as we seek to become disciples of Christ

History and pop culture are full of great mentors — athletes, artists, generals, craftsmen, leaders, and teachers —…

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