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25 November 2014

The Purposes of PathwayConnect

Learn more about the guiding principles behind PathwayConnect's mission

“Create knowledge, to open the minds of students to that knowledge, and to enable students to take best…

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28 April 2014

A Framework for Education: The Learning Model

The Learning Model is as easily applied to a chemistry class on campus as it is to a PathwayConnect Life Skills gathering anywhere in the world

Picture this classroom setting: after picking your seat and settling in, your teacher strolls into the room, briefly…

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20 February 2014

Marion Painter: Meet PathwayConnect’s Oldest Student

Despite her age, this student strives to continue her education through PathwayConnect

Born in 1919, Marion Painter of Harwinton, Connecticut, will celebrate her 100th birthday in December 2019. She has raised…

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4 February 2014

Women in Education: Eternal Blessings

Finding purpose and power in lifelong learning

Education. Self-improvement. Empowerment. Intelligence. Capability. These are not just tools to build a career or provide for a…

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23 January 2014

First Things First

Putting the Lord and His commandments first is the key to success

Many PathwayConnect students are busy with parental responsibilities, church callings, jobs, and now, at the start of a…

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6 January 2014

Goals: A Pathway to Excellence

Setting goals is the key to reaching our full potential

Go ahead and fill in the blank. “This is the year I finally…” Chances are you have already…

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23 May 2013

Anton Burman: A Life Transformed

Completing PathwayConnect and earning an online bachelor's degree gave a husband and a father the confidence to succeed

This December, Anton Burman, a resident of San Diego, California, will be one of the first PathwayConnect students…

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