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January 23, 2023

What makes someone an expert? Think of American soccer (or “football”, internationally) players who have spent hundreds or even thousands of hours improving their shooting, dribbling, and ability to control the ball through the same drills they learned as a kid. Improving what might be considered common or basic is always a good idea for […]

January 16, 2023

If you ask Chris Blount from Florida about himself, he could tell you that he was in the U.S. Navy, worked on the bomb squad, studied at SUNY Maritime College — and now, he’s a university graduate. Chris earned a bachelor’s degree from BYU-Idaho, supported by BYU-Pathway, but before he even graduated, he started working […]

January 9, 2023

BYU-Pathway Worldwide students are all unique, but they often face similar challenges as they pursue education. Four of BYU-Pathway’s communication interns have compiled tips they found useful when striving to balance gaining an education, working to develop self-reliance, and becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. They are learning how to manage all of their responsibilities — […]

December 19, 2022

Christmas is the season when we reflect and remember the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a yearly Christmas devotional where speakers from all around the world talk of Christ, rejoice in Christ, and preach of Christ. Check out these quotes from past Christmas devotionals to […]

December 12, 2022

Christmas is a season of joy, love, and gratitude. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is our perfect example of faith and service. Remembering Him during this holiday season can help us feel hope through His light. President Brian K. Ashton shared, “Christmas for me is about what’s most important in life because it’s focused on the […]

December 5, 2022

If you told Aaron Eardley two years ago that, by 2022, he would be well on his way to a bachelor’s degree, married to his best friend, and making covenants in the House of the Lord, he never would have believed you. Before Aaron, from Florida, USA, was first introduced to BYU-Pathway Worldwide, he didn’t […]

November 22, 2022

Think about the last essay you wrote. Did you stare at the blank page in front of you, straining your brain? Or, has there ever been a time in your life when it feels impossible to write—the words just won’t come? This experience is called “writer’s block,” and it happens to everyone. Here is some […]