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November 4, 2013

The BYU-Pathway Support Center

For students, service missionaries, or even someone just starting PathwayConnect, help is only a call, click, or chat away

From technological difficulties to general course questions, online help is only a call, click, or chat away.

Have you ever had a question regarding registration, Canvas, or another PathwayConnect-related issue but didn’t know where to look? While your local service missionaries are an excellent source of information, there is another resource available to you. The BYU-Pathway Support Center is here to help with these questions and many more.

BYU-Pathway Support is an organized service center where student employees monitor and assist with online and PathwayConnect support requests. They are open 24-6 (Mountain Standard Time), excluding Sundays, and are ready and waiting to answer your questions.

“We really seek to help and have an attitude of genuine service. When people call in with their questions or concerns, we try to be the first line of help and not hand these issues off to others,” said Alex Plitt, a BYU-Pathway Support Assistant.

The BYU-Pathway Support Center strives to be a resource of answers for all issues concerning PathwayConnect. These issues range from technical difficulties with online course components, such as Canvas, to questions regarding registration and tuition. Students are encouraged to use BYU-Pathway Support for their questions, and missionaries can direct students’ issues or questions to BYU-Pathway Support as well. Doing this will save time for both students and service missionaries. You can reach a support representative through phone, email, or live online chat. This contact information can be found on the BYU-Pathway Support website.

It’s a unique opportunity to be a small part of the PathwayConnect experience.

Many times, direct contact with a support representative may not even be necessary. Their well-organized website is loaded with information that can help with most of your needs. Tutorials, academic resources, and FAQ’s are all available for your use. Online degree information is also located on the website, should you choose to matriculate into BYU-Idaho and pursue an online degree.

Please note that while BYU-Pathway Support is a great resource of information, it is NOT an academic center to clarify and help with coursework. There are other resources available to you in the case that you don’t understand course material, such as online tutors or your instructor.

When you use BYU-Pathway’s support services, you will be greeted by a friendly, service-oriented staff. They delight in helping those with PathwayConnect and online issues and do not hesitate to provide words of encouragement.

“For me, it’s a unique opportunity to be a small part of the PathwayConnect experience. While I am not a direct participant in the program, I get to build my testimony in PathwayConnect by having constant interaction with those devoted students,” said Arissa Johnson, an BYU-Pathway Support employee studying music education.

I love interacting with such humble and happy people… These experiences open my eyes.

“I love interacting with such humble and happy people… These experiences open my eyes to the divinity of the opportunity that PathwayConnect provides and the importance of my own growth and education. This opportunity to serve simply amazes me,” said Morgan Jensen, an employee studying health science.

The BYU-Pathway Support Center appreciates any feedback possible, not only regarding their service, but also pertaining to courses, instructors, or PathwayConnect in general. If you have any comments, please contact them personally or refer to their designated web page. This feedback is used to help progress the work of both BYU-Pathway Support and PathwayConnect.

So whether you are a student, a missionary, or even someone just starting your PathwayConnect experience, rest assured that help is only a call, click, or chat away.

Comments on "The BYU-Pathway Support Center"

Edinah Fidelia Chitsime says:

I am a professional Pathway student. I started in January 2020, and I registered as Edinah Fidelia Chifamba, but I want my certificates to read as Edinah Fidelia Chitsime like my all other academic certificates so that I do not have have problems when looking for employment. How can you help me please?

Lauren Conrad says:

Hi Edinah,
The BYU-Pathway Support Center doesn’t monitor the blog, but if you contact them via chat or email, they will help you get the right name on your certificate!

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