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March 31, 2015

BYU-Pathway Support

Helping students across the world achieve their potential

At its heart, BYU-Pathway Worldwide is about helping people. That’s why students gather together often to discuss their courses and why service missionaries reach out to students with encouragement and support. And that’s also why — regardless of their native language, culture, or circumstances — students in BYU-Pathway’s online programs can always turn to BYU-Pathway Support for help with their educational needs.

What is BYU-Pathway Support?

BYU-Pathway Support is a service that helps students with everything from application questions regarding course registration, website navigation, tuition, and more. They also help motivate and encourage students who are feeling overwhelmed by life and their responsibilities.

Not only that, BYU-Pathway Support is a place where nations meet. Employees are from countries in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. They represent the nationalities of many PathwayConnect students all across the world and bring the unique perspectives that their corresponding cultures and experiences offer. This allows BYU-Pathway Support to not only sympathize with students who need help, but empathize with students in situations and circumstances they can personally understand.

Because BYU-Pathway Support has employees from many diverse backgrounds, there is always someone to help students, no matter where they’re from.

BYU-Pathway Support helps students from around the world

For example, Alenka Batkova is a BYU-Pathway Support employee from Slovakia and has lived all over the world, including New Zealand and Rexburg, Idaho. She, like many people associated with PathwayConnect, did not learn English as her first language. This allows her to understand the needs and challenges of those who aren’t yet proficient in the English language.

Alenka Batkova

“I have definitely felt that my experiences have helped me understand PathwayConnect students around the world and be more open-minded in certain situations,” Alenka said.

Melissa Quecho, another BYU-Pathway Support employee from Colombia, spoke of an experience when she helped a student — a newly-married, returned missionary from Mexico — who was struggling to express himself in English. By talking to him in his native language of Spanish, Melissa was able to help the student solve his problem. Afterward, he was so grateful that he began tearing up and even asked his wife to join the call so she could introduce herself.

“It doesn’t feel like a job,” said Ismael Ramirez, another BYU-Pathway Support employee from Mexico City. “It feels like the work you do in your wards or in the mission field. It feels like service.”

BYU-Pathway Support employees feel great joy from helping PathwayConnect and online students.

BYU-Pathway Support grows with its students

BYU-Pathway Worldwide continues to spread across the world, and as such, the needs of its students are rapidly changing and expanding. BYU-Pathway Support is meeting those needs. Wherever a student is from, or whatever their problem is, BYU-Pathway Support is ready to help them get onto their path.

BYU-Pathway Support can help you with any questions or concerns you might have. Make an appointment today!

Comments on "BYU-Pathway Support"

Isaac Boateng says:

Please I want to know more about Marriage and family relations and it degree?

Lauren Conrad says:

Isaac, you can find more information about our Marriage and Family degrees here. If you have further questions, you can contact BYU-Pathway Support or Advising here.

Cynthia Chika Onyebuchi says:

Please I need help, as the certificate course I intend to study can not be found. The course is Human Resource Management. Please what do I do?

Breanne Su'a says:

Cynthia, the Human Resources Management Certificate is available through BYU-Pathway Worldwide and accredited by BYU-Idaho. You can find it on our degree web page.

Nandipha Judith Xamane says:

Pathway did not only helped me academically but also strengthened my testimony and increased my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and the gospel. Pathway prepared me for coming trials to be strong and courageous, I found the other side of me that I was not aware of, to be able to council, strengthen, heal wounded heart by just speaking words of encouragement to others, share the gospel even to strangers. Thank you for this program I hope and pray it will change many as it did to me.


Grateful to be part of the pathway program. I Know with out doubt that is an inspired program from the lord through inspired Leadership that equips us with the tools to be successful in this life and prepare ourselves to live with our families . Thank you pathway support for all that you do to us.

J.A. Bañez says:

Thank you for your great response, Johny! How has PathwayConnect helped your personally?

Isambu alphonse says:

I’m so happy for this wonderful opportunities our Heavenly Father brings to us. Thank you a lot for your support and what you are doing to help worldwide students to achieve their wants and goals.

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