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February 9, 2017

What We Offer the World

Three students in Curitiba, Brazil became the first Pathway students to earn BYU-Idaho certificates in Brazil

“It is a great moment for the saints and for PathwayConnect in Brazil,” self-reliance manager Silvio Guimarães says while leaning his hands on a podium at a PathwayConnect gathering in Curitiba, Brazil. In front of him is an audience filled with the smiling faces of BYU-Pathway students past and present, witnessing the historical ceremony taking place.

Self-reliance manager Silvio Guimarães conducts the PathwayConnect gathering in Curitiba

“I hope we can have a celebration tonight,” says Silvio.

On the night of February 9, 2017, three former PathwayConnect students received the first Brigham Young University-Idaho online certificates awarded in Brazil.

Thankful for the Program

One of the students receiving their certificate was Jéssica Bruna de Oliveira, who earned her certificate in web media. Oliveira’s salary was recently doubled due to the completion of her certificate.  

Her father proudly accepted the certificate on her behalf.

“I’m just so thankful to have this opportunity to participate and accept this certificate for my daughter,” he said. “Thank you for everything.”

Jefferson Santos, Edvaldo Melo, and Jessica Oliveira’s father soon after receiving their certificates

Jefferson Santos and Edvaldo de Oliveira Melo earned their certificates in Computer Information Systems.  

Santos, who serves as a bishop in Curitiba, plans to use his new knowledge to improve his business. He also hopes to move forward to earn his associate degree in a complementary field in the future.

“I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of this inspired program,” said Santos. “I’m so thankful for my family, my wife, and my kids, because without them, I wouldn’t have achieved this.”

Oliveira Melo, who is also looking into future educational opportunities, expressed a feeling of gratitude toward BYU-Pathway and his family.

This is only a little bit of what we can offer the world as a university.

“I’m so thankful for this inspired program and my wife, because she supported me the whole time,” Melo said. “I’m very happy to be here to receive this certificate. I’m also thankful to Heavenly Father for the opportunity to study as an online student.”

What Pathway Offers

Silvio addressed the audience one last time before closing the meeting.

“Even though this was a simple meeting, I see tears in the eyes of many of you, because the Spirit of the Lord is with us,” Silvio said. “Everything is simple, but we as a university can do more with less.”

Silvio looked over to the students who earned certificates that night. “So congratulations to the students in here,” he said. “This is only a little bit of what we can offer the world as a university.”

BYU-Pathway students in Curitiba, Brazil, gathered to honor students who received BYU-Idaho certificates.

Watch the entire ceremony below:

Do you know somebody who has received a BYU-Idaho certificate after PathwayConnect? How have you seen their lives change? Share with us in the comment section.

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