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August 4, 2017

So You Want to be a PathwayConnect Student?

Is PathwayConnect the right fit for you?

So you want to be a PathwayConnect student?

PathwayConnect is many things — it’s an educational opportunity, it’s a confidence builder, it’s a way for you to work toward goals.

This is the chance to kick-start your academic career at a low price with a flexible schedule.

1. PathwayConnect is Affordable & Flexible

PathwayConnect is a low-cost online program that lasts three semesters, gets you college ready, and allows you to gain marketable skills for the workplace. In no time at all, you can quickly apply to PathwayConnect with the easy-to-use application form. There is no cost to apply, no entrance exams, and no interviews.

PathwayConnect is made to fit into your busy life and won’t break the bank!

Because PathwayConnect is online, you can complete coursework on your time — between work, family life, and personal responsibilities. Just be sure to allow yourself enough time to complete assignments, tests, and quizzes. Sometimes a full workload can seem intimidating, but many students get support in their PathwayConnect gathering groups.

2. Students Meet Face-to-Face Each Week

Throughout your time in PathwayConnect, you have the unique opportunity to work with other PathwayConnect students enrolled in your area.

Every Thursday night, you will attend a gathering. This is the time you meet with the other students to ask questions, discuss the curriculum, and learn from one another through leading discussions. Gatherings are an essential part of the PathwayConnect experience, and it is important that you attend each week.

PathwayConnect Gathering - Orem Utah

PathwayConnect students gather locally with their peers once a week while completing coursework online.

3. Curriculum is Designed for Your Goals

PathwayConnect gives you the opportunity to have a gospel-based education by incorporating religious principles throughout the curriculum.

PathwayConnect students are able to improve their professional and academic English abilities while earning credit towards an online degree.

Each semester, you will enroll in a different course that gets you college and life-ready: Life Skills, Basic Writing, and Intro to Algebra & Finance. In addition, you will enroll in a religion course. After three semesters, you will have earned 15 credits toward a college degree.

For students that speak English as a second language, PathwayConnect is a great way to improve your English language skills. PathwayConnect’s curriculum is all in English, and speaking English is encouraged at the gatherings.

4. PathwayConnect is a Bridge to Online Degrees

PathwayConnect prepares you to take the insights and skills you have gained and bring them to the real world.

After PathwayConnect, many students continue their education through Brigham Young University-Idaho, earning certificates and degrees completely online. Some students consider a local school, advance in the workplace, or pursue other goals. The opportunities are endless!

PathwayConnect leads students to earn a BYU-Idaho certificate or degree online.

Your Path Awaits!

Do you want become a PathwayConnect student? Does a low-cost, online, spiritual education appeal to you? If so, learn more and apply today!

Don’t put off your education any longer. It’s fast and easy to apply. Join our worldwide PathwayConnect community, and embark on your path of new opportunities today!

Do you know someone who may be interested in PathwayConnect? Share this article with them and invite them to learn more!

Comments on "So You Want to be a PathwayConnect Student?"

Amele Vonotabua says:

I wod love to apply but just dont know how

J.A. Banez says:

Hello Amele! Please visit this to find out about admission requirements and how to apply to PathwayConnect.

Shirley says:

We need this in the congo

Virginia Carolina Mejía Casco Sing says:

I was studying 4 year Ago in pathway in Honduras Central América, l left My studies due the born of My 4th baby. I would like to continúe but I don’t no how. My name is Virginia Carolina Mejía Casco Pls I would ask your help in My personal case.

Glenna Phillips says:

Hi Virginia,
One of our students pointed your comment out to me. Have you been able to find where you can apply/participate in PathwayConnect this year? You can send an email to or call 855.994.6721 to get information about where to apply. It isn’t too late yet for this year. You will be on Standby but likely able to start. Good luck!

Alex Ntiamoah-Boakye says:

Is pathway only for members of the Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ? Or people with other Christian Faith or other Religious Faith can enroll?

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