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October 24, 2018

Meet Cary Johnson

Get to know the new EnglishConnect manager

Cary’s new job has brought her great peace.

Cary Johnson recently accepted the position as BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s EnglishConnect manager. She grew up in Southern Colorado — in the San Luis Valley — and currently resides in Taylorsville, Utah. 

Cary pursued her passions for English and teaching by earning a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Adams State College and a master’s degree in TESOL —Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages — from Brigham Young University. For her PhD (also from BYU), Cary emphasized in instructional psychology and technology.

She previously taught at BYU’s English Language Center and discovered a love for teaching English to others. Later, she worked with learning management systems at BYU and BYU-Idaho.

After working for a couple of years with EnglishConnect in a peripheral role at BYU-Idaho, Cary eventually accepted her new position as EnglishConnect manager for the Church to continue developing pioneering EnglishConnect systems and curriculum. Her background in TESOL and technology allows her to work with different groups to develop and deliver EnglishConnect.

Cary at the St. Louis Gateway Arch

Cary hopes to pursue her passion to create a life-changing experience for non-English-speaking students around the world by helping them apply their English skills at work and in their daily lives. Most importantly, she wants to help them develop and strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ.

One of the many hobbies Cary enjoys is performing foot zone therapy, a precise therapy that directs pressure to different “zones” of the feet to stimulate the body’s natural healing capability. Her other hobbies include going on road trips, gardening, reading, and spending time with her family.

Cary’s new job has brought her great peace. She feels she is where her Father in Heaven wants her to be. She is grateful for this opportunity to use her past experiences to bless others.

Cary loves spending time with her family.

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