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July 17, 2019

Meet Johanna Powell

Get to know BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s student experience manager

Johanna at graduation

Johanna Powell is the student experience manager at BYU-Pathway Worldwide. Originally from Rexburg, Idaho, she was blessed to grow up in a loving family with access to many educational opportunities. She studied at Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho) and Boise State University before graduating with a bachelor’s degree in university studies at age 31 from BYU-Idaho. Finishing her education later helped her realize it’s never too late to pursue education.

Johanna was first introduced to BYU-Pathway when she worked in BYU-Idaho’s admissions office. There, she helped with PathwayConnect’s enrollment — when the applications were still on paper! This eventually lead to her position as the student experience manager.

After BYU-Pathway’s headquarters moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2018, Johanna and her family moved as well. “My family and I really loved living in eastern Idaho and being near the BYU-Idaho campus. We never wanted to leave,” she admitted. “However, we felt that we needed to go. We left family and friends for the opportunity to help bring education to those around the world. It has been an amazing experience!”

Johanna with her son, Connor

As the student experience manager, Johanna works with a team to improve student’s online experience through their student portal, where they can find information all in one place to help them succeed throughout the semester. In their portal, students can access their courses, pay tuition, watch monthly devotionals and other inspiring content, see important dates and deadlines, and find quick answers to common questions through self-help resources.

Johanna’s work with BYU-Pathway Worldwide has made her more aware of the blessings and opportunities she’s had in her life. She said, “It’s made me more compassionate and more open to the world, desiring to help those that maybe haven’t had the chances that I’ve had…. I love seeing others have access to the education they want and achieve [their] goals.”

For those considering higher education, she said, “Don’t hesitate to follow your educational dreams. If you have that desire, just go for it.”

Johanna lives in Bountiful, Utah, with her husband, Kevin, and her son, Connor (14). Together, they love to spend time outdoors doing things like fishing and hiking.

Comments on "Meet Johanna Powell"

Nompumelelo says:

Yeah, she is my good instructor. She’s so patient with us and she really wants to help us succeed in our future. I love her.

jaro14 says:

At the age of 46 now, I feel more eager to continue PathwayConnect. Being a father and a provider, with the support of my wife and family, I know I can finish the race. I like the inspiring story of Johanna Powell. Thank you for inspiring others!

Patsy Haedo says:

Hopefully, this time I will finish the challenge to improve my education. Thank you for sharing your work in this program, Johanna!

Stephen Ebi-Johnson says:

I am inspired by this account of Johanna Powell.

ricky katumba says:

That was very inspiring. Thanks Johanna Powell for thinking about others.

Ngatupuna Jonassen says:

Very inspiring story Johanna Powell and God bless you for your courage and dedication to the course of education and helping others.

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