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June 22, 2020

Prompted and Prepared

Getting her education later than expected has made it more meaningful for Kyla

Kyla Ford feels called to spread joy. “It started for me as the Lord saying, ‘You’ve had some hard things happen in your life, Kyla, and you can use those to help others,’” she said.

One of Kyla’s most difficult trials came from what she thought would be a joyous experience — her first marriage. She got married at age 18, but less than two years later, she and her husband were divorced.

At age 24, Kyla moved to Utah with the goal to attend college. However, tragedy struck just two months after she arrived when her younger brother unexpectedly passed away.

A fresh start

Kyla Ford

Kyla wanted more than anything to move back home to California and be with her family, but she felt prompted to stay in Utah. Many blessings awaited her there, including meeting and marrying her husband, Kevin. Kyla postponed her education to get married, and then again when she became pregnant six months later. She happily settled into her new roles as a wife and mother. 

Now, seven years later, Kyla and Kevin have three beautiful children: Hunter (7), Hayden (6), and Henry (3). They love to travel and experience new cultures. Kyla also loves to write! She had a blog for nine years that she now continues via social media called “A Joyful Commotion.”  

“I’ve tried to create a community to help women find more joy through living a Christ-centered life,” Kyla explained. “Life’s full of craziness, but I truly believe you can feel joy every day, even in the hard times.” 

In addition to her social media content, Kyla enjoys speaking to various groups of women about the tools God has provided to overcome trials and feel more joy. 

An unexpected prompting

Kyla and her husband, Kevin, wearing shirts that represent their schools

In June 2019, Kyla and her family had just bought a new home. Her husband had been accepted to an MBA program. She loved being a full-time mom pursuing her passions. Life seemed nearly perfect — which is why Kyla was so surprised when she felt prompted to enroll in PathwayConnect, a program her sister had participated in a couple years earlier.

“It was one of the strongest promptings I have ever felt,” Kyla said. “I heard a voice in my head say, ‘Kyla, do it now,’ and I looked over my shoulder because I truly thought there was someone standing there!”

Kyla followed the prompting without hesitation, even though it didn’t make sense at the time. She received a message saying classes were full for the upcoming semester, but the service missionaries found room in a gathering group for Kyla the next day and told her she could begin courses the following week.

Disciple leader and daughter of God

Kyla is currently in her second semester of PathwayConnect. “I love the program so much!” she said. “It’s incredible. I feel so grateful that it’s available. With three young kids and a spouse in school, it feels like it was made for me.”

The Ford family

Participating in BYU-Pathway at this time in her life has reminded Kyla to always trust in God’s timing. “If I had gone to school all those years ago when ‘I should have,’ it wouldn’t mean as much to me as it does now,” she said. “I wouldn’t have been as excited about learning, and I absolutely wouldn’t have seen how God could be such a crucial part of my education. Being in PathwayConnect has made me feel more proud than ever to be a daughter of God and to follow Him.”

PathwayConnect is also strengthening Kyla’s testimony. She said, “I feel like I’ve learned more in the last several months of school than I’ve learned my whole life as a member of the Church. It makes me want to scream from the rooftops the truths that I’m relearning and understanding in new ways!”

Kyla hopes to earn a bachelor’s degree in marriage and family studies and to use what she learns to bless others. “Knowledge is power. I would love to use that bachelor’s degree to get as many tools as possible to help people!” she said. “I feel like God has definitely called me to be a disciple leader, and I am trying my best to do it.”

How have you seen God’s hand in your education? Comment below!

Comments on "Prompted and Prepared"

Austin H. says:

Love this. It is certainly true that education is important at every stage of life. And wow, this was very well written.

Guellor Nganu Mbaki says:

Indeed, the Lord has designed this platform to bring joy to the lives of His children and enables them to better bring sunshine to the lives of others.

Reflecting on this story, I come across to realize that as we pay close heed to the tender voice of the Holy Ghost, we will recognize when the Lord calls us. I always been informed about Pathway by my friends, leaders of the Church, and others. I never felt prompted to join. In the beginning of this year, the missionary couple assigned to my branch came to urge members to get themselves enrolled as the semester will soon began. That did not convinced enough to give it a try. Just a couple of months before the registration closed, I have felt a strong push by the spirit to register. I have faithfully prayed about it, even shared that feeling with my wife. With her caring voice she said to me, “Love,this is time for you to join this program. It now or never!”. That was a wake up call me for me.

The week of my courses was totally challenging. The South African President has announced the nationwide LOCK DOWN for twenty- one days due to the terrible pandemic of COVID-19. Doubt surrounded my mind, I was asking myself if it was the prompting of the Holy Ghost to register or it was only me. I was worried about my financial situation on one hand, and my tuition payment on the other hand.
to cut the long story short. Miracle has occurred . I diligently pursue my educational adventure. Now, I am almost at the end of my first semester of PathwayConnect.

My testimony is that challenges, afflictions, and other similar words will always surround us. What matters the most is the way we respond to them. Despite tons of curve balls that this pandemic is throwing me, in addition to that, learning new language( as I am a French-speaking), living in a foreign Country, millions of parenting, work, and Church responsibilities, but the helping hands of our Savior are holding mines along this amazing journey. His atonement has made everything possible for us. We only need to apply it in our daily lives.

Thank you Sister Kyla for sharing this uplifting testimony.

malibongwe says:

These comments uplift my spirit of finishing my Pathway course. Sometimes I feel exhausted and I want to give up. Now I’ve got only two weeks to finish PC101. Hopefully I will make it to the next course. Thanks Kyla

Siosiana Denham says:

I enjoyed reading your notes Kyla. Thank you for sharing

JeNae Wendell says:

Kyla, it’s so great to hear your story. It’s truly been a blessing for many of us in our different stages and circumstances! Such blessings on heeding the prompting of the spirit and following God’s will, especially when it just doesn’t seem to add up in the moment. It’s amazing what happens when we let go and align our will with His. I’ve got a few weeks left in Pathway and I’ve experienced those same blessings and desires that you’ve expressed. Good luck in finishing Pathway!!!

Erlinda C.Jueves says:

I was 48 years old when I enrolled in BYU-Pathway. At that time, I never thought I should enroll. My husband is so excited inviting other members to enroll but unable to do it. Then one day my husband got my i-pad and handed it to me with the registration page for BYU-Pathway open. I thought he just wanted me to go through the application process so I could tell others how. In that very moment, I enrolled. I felt happiness because somehow in my head I was really looking for a university in our place who offered an online learning. Luckily, without much effort on my part, I found one. Starting the first day of my class, I was always excited until now. I always found myself crying in front of my laptop because of joy it brought my life. I felt that I could now follow the Lord’s command to get all the education I can. I found the best school and indeed I felt that it is my Heavenly Father’s university. I am so glad that I enrolled. I am about to finish PC 103 and I’m excited to matriculate to BYU-Idaho.

Lauren Conrad says:

Erlinda, congratulations on completing PathwayConnect soon! That’s a wonderful accomplishment. I’m glad your education has brought so much joy into your life. Best of luck in your future courses!

Kalake Fonua says:

Loved reading your story Kyla! May you continue your journey to its end. I certainly enjoy having you in our institute class. God bless you and your beautiful family.

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