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February 22, 2021

Unimaginable Blessings

See how the Savior has led Patrick Antwi through his most difficult trials — including losing his family

In his October 2020 General Conference message, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, “It is my witness that though at times we may feel buried by the trials of life or surrounded by emotional darkness, the love of God and the blessings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ will bring something unimaginable to spring forth.”1

For Patrick Kwame Antwi, a BYU-Pathway Worldwide student in Ghana, Elder Uchtdorf’s remarks perfectly reflect his life’s journey to this point. Though Patrick has endured heartbreaking challenges, he’s found that God always has a plan for him, and that BYU-Pathway would be part of the “unimaginable” blessings that awaited him.

A terrible loss

Patrick has been blessed as he continues to endure to the end.

When Patrick was nine years old, his mother passed away. Afterward, he and his brother went to live with their aunt and her husband. His mother’s death was devastating, but Patrick was able to find solace in his new family and their faith. Because of his aunt’s introduction, Patrick was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is grateful that his trials brought him closer to Heavenly Father.

With the encouragement and support of his family, Patrick was able to complete his secondary education and accept a call to serve a full-time mission for the Church. During his mission, he again suffered the loss of his closest family when his aunt and her husband passed away within months of each other.

Reflecting on the experience, Patrick said, “But then one day, I prayed, and I was inspired to read something from the Bible, of which I read when the Savior Jesus Christ was answering one of his disciples who wanted to go and mourn his father. The Savior told him to leave the dead to mourn their dead. I felt the Savior talking to me, and I received strength to complete my mission.”2

A new opportunity

As he began to come to terms with the loss of his family members, Patrick was now faced with a new challenge: “There were many thoughts that were going through my mind: How will I continue my education? Who is going to help me? Because the people that helped me complete school are no longer in my life.”

Soon after Patrick came home from his mission, a friend pursuing his online degree through BYU-Pathway invited Patrick to apply. He accepted the invitation and considers BYU-Pathway an answer to his prayers: “I can say with certainty that, besides making the decision to go and serve the Lord for two years of my life, enrolling in BYU-Pathway is the second-best decision of my life.”

A dream realized

Patrick is now pursuing his passion for business and economics through a bachelor’s degree in applied business management. After completing the first six courses of his degree through PathwayConnect, Patrick is continuing courses to earn an Administrative Assistant certificate. As part of his degree, he also plans to complete two more certificates: Business & Leadership Skills and Business Administration.

Patrick hopes his studies will allow him to help his cousins (pictured above).

“My dream job would be to become a manager, maybe in finance. Doing the Administrative Assistant certificate has taught me to use Excel and spreadsheets to communicate and integrate relevant data,” Patrick said. “Most businesses need administrative assistants to use those things to effectively and diligently interpret the data.”

When Patrick isn’t studying or working, he enjoys playing soccer and spending time with other young adults. Through the painful loss of his family members and the fear of facing an unknown future, Patrick has found peace through the Savior. Now, he wants to use what he’s learning to provide the Savior’s “unimaginable blessings” to others.

“I’m really excited about using the skills I am learning to help the community, to help my family, and then to help the Lord,” Patrick said. “Anywhere the Lord wants me to offer my help, I’m ready to become useful to Him. And I can help my family by practicing the lessons that I’m learning and being Christlike — so they can see my good works and glorify my Father which is in Heaven.”3

How have you seen your trials become blessings through the gospel of Jesus Christ? Comment below!

1. ^ Dieter Uchtdorf, “God Will Do Something Unimaginable,” Ensign or Liahona, Oct. 2020
2. ^ See Matthew 8:21–22
3. ^ See Matthew 5:16

Comments on "Unimaginable Blessings"

Angelica says:

Thanks for sharing your story, and how you have been listening to the spirit and overcoming your challenges. I’m sure Heavenly Father will guide you in your journey and your decisions will make your mom and relatives on the other side of the veil very proud and happy for you too! You are never alone 🙂

Renaldo Mabunda says:

I love how God works in our lives. Sometimes we think that we are lost because we’re facing some difficulties. You story, Patrick, is an example of how our daily life circumstances can shape us and help us to be more closer to our Heavenly Father. I know that it’s not easy when we lose someone, but that was the way for you to know Jesus Christ’s Gospel. I know that the Plan of Salvation and your constant trust in the Savior will always bring you the peace of mind and strength to achieve your goals in education.

Afia Boatemaa Boamah says:

We’ve been through a lot as a family and God is yet to do great things in our life. Good job cousin!❤️

Kouadio Jean Mermoz Amani says:

Patrick’s story is like those of many brave God’s children he has sent to earth to strengthen their fellow brothers. I know that Heavenly Father is always with his orphans giving them the necessary strength they need to endure till the day comes. No matter what they meet in their road, they are still focused on what is right, and ready to do what our Heavenly Father expects them to do. Thank you to the BYU-Pathway Worldwide team that is giving us the opportunity to have this encouraging story to stay on the educational road.

Ako Jean Landry Amani says:

That’s wonderful. The Lord remembered all his good works.

Fidèle Kalenga says:

I know Patrick, I met him when he was serving his mission in Lubumbashi, DRCONGO. He was a good missionary. I did not know what happened in his life, all I know is he enjoys serving others.

Tom Yokom says:

He is a wonderful example of following Christ’s teachings both spiritually and temporally. He is also a wonderful example of persistence, patience, and perseverance as he strives to achieve his goals and help others. I look forward to hearing more about his success in the future! says:

This is so touching and inspiring at the same time. Be blessed Brother Patrick.

Daniel Annan says:

Patrick trained me as a new missionary in DR Congo. I was serving with him when he experienced this tragic loss. Honestly, I was surprised about the conscious and continuous efforts he made each day as we left the apartment to teach.

Together we taught and touched the lives of the saints. He was the right person someone could have as a trainer. I was a great missionary and a great teacher because of his help to me despite his loss.

He shared with me one day the scripture, “let the dead mourn their dead”. Through this scripture, he advised me to forget home and focus on my mission here. I am proud to have had him as a trainer.
We have a lot in common, he and I. We attended the same high school and got acquainted from there and he was my senior.
The Lord has everything planned out indeed.
I am proud of you Brother.

Cynthia Butcher says:

I admire this young man and his determination to serve through adversity. He is blessed for his devotion!

Bebe Bernabe Da says:

I served with him after he lost his parents. It was amazing to see how he was still focused on the Lord’s work and the needs of investigators rather than his own pain.

Raquel Bezerra says:

So inspiring. This message lifted up my heart and made me see even more that Christ takes care of all of His children — doesn’t matter where they are!!

Gordon S. E. Quaisie says:

Patrick’s life story is indeed encouraging. It inspires me a lot as a single adult to never let go the iron rod, no matter the situation.

Bamey says:

This is an inspiring and encouraging message!

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