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Kelsi Merrill

Writing has always been Kelsi's best way of expressing herself and has been her passion for most of her life. She hopes to one day produce a successful blog of her own. Kelsi loves spending time with her husband and son and their dog, Charlie. Kelsi loved her time writing for Pathway and hopes to continue to learn from the inspired program.

17 July 2017

Lost and Found

Karen's path led from a New York subway to more than she ever expected

Karen was lost — literally. Months earlier, Karen and a group of her friends decided to take a…

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11 January 2017

“PathwayConnect Strengthened Our Marriage”

Chad and Emily Johnson's marriage was strengthened through their participation in PathwayConnect

PathwayConnect has blessed students’ lives all over the world. While some blessings are obvious—such as increased knowledge, low…

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21 July 2015

Taking Care of Your Body

The body is a gift to be treated with gratitude and respect

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14 July 2015

Attending Campus After PathwayConnect

Three BYU-Idaho students share how PathwayConnect led them to campus

There are plenty of reasons students wouldn’t be able to attend BYU-Idaho on campus — especially after completing…

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28 April 2015

Blessed Because of PathwayConnect: Overcoming Obstacles

Two students and a missionary share the tender mercies and blessings they received while facing challenges during PathwayConnect

Struggles and challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Many PathwayConnect students experience everyday struggles of finances, scheduling,…

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