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Courses & Gatherings

13 March 2017

I. Learn.

All about PathwayConnect and BYU-Idaho's online learning system

It’s at the top of the screen when students open their courses: a banner that says “I-Learn Training.”…

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19 December 2016

Not a Typical Online Program

Local gatherings set PathwayConnect apart as a model for worldwide higher education

Students begin to arrive. Slowly at first, then almost all at once. Anxious. A widowed mother of three…

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9 July 2014

How Do You Gather?

From Calgary to Cancun, PathwayConnect students show us how they gather on Thursday nights

Burley, Idaho Ladonna Gedeborg felt an instant connection with the other members in the Burley, Idaho, 31+ group. …

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28 April 2014

A Framework for Education: The Learning Model

The Learning Model is as easily applied to a chemistry class on campus as it is to a PathwayConnect Life Skills gathering anywhere in the world

Picture this classroom setting: after picking your seat and settling in, your teacher strolls into the room, briefly…

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25 April 2014

Making More Meaningful Discussion Board Posts

PathwayConnect students teach and learn from classmates through discussion boards

The BYU-Idaho Learning Model has three essential parts: Prepare, Teach One Another, and Ponder and Prove. PathwayConnect courses…

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3 September 2013

Web Design and Development

The WDD degree can prepare you with the skills to enter the ever-changing workforce

Today’s world is fast-paced, technology-driven, and thirsty for innovation. The WDD degree will prepare you with the skills…

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